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Sharpen your senses.

                                                 Stay connected and

                                                 be protected.

                                                 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac XPI Headsets:
                                                     Ŕ Maximum hearing protection
                                                     Ŕ Full situational awareness
                                                     Ŕ Clear radio communication at all situations
                                                     Ŕ Fool proof, fail safe and watertight
                                                     Ŕ Earplug mode (double protection)
                                                     Ŕ PTT adapter for all kinds of radios
                                                    (PRR, Harris, FM9100, Bowman, Sepura, Sotas, etc.)
                                                     Ŕ Communicate with 2 radios at once

                                                 You protect us. We protect you.

                                                 Contact us: +31 (0)6 53433094
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